Aran jumper

Don’t forget to find me on Instagram @saffymuna Winter jumpers Woolly winter jumpers are an absolute essential in my wardrobe. I own a few jumpers that are 100% wool, and so are perfect for when the weather is freezing. One of my favourite jumpers is a second hand aran jumper that my mum picked up … Continue reading Aran jumper

H&M Ruffle Blouse

Don’t forget to find me on Instagram @saffymuna The Blouse This dainty number from H&M is perfect for the party season. I love the simple elegance of this blouse as it very easily creates a chic but festive outfit! The simple two-tier construction is a unique touch that makes it a stand out piece for … Continue reading H&M Ruffle Blouse

Ugg Boots

Follow me on Instagram @saffymuna These are the boots that I live in during winter. A few years back, Uggs were a big deal in fashion. But now, they seem to have lost their popularity despite being a perfect, practical winter boot! Every time I go out I reach for these shoes as they are … Continue reading Ugg Boots